Music Ministry


5:00 Saturday Mass Choir

Contact:  Josh Encarnacion

Rehearsals:  Saturdays after the 5:00 Mass

9:00 Sunday Mass Choir

Contact:  Ellen Wiley

Rehearsals:  Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM

ll:00 Sunday Mass Choir

Contact:  Claire Rosopa

Rehearsals:  Thursday nights at 7:00 PM

Children's Choir

Contact:  Mona Coppedge

Rehearsals:  Wednesday nights at 5:00 PM during Advent and Lent

Resurrection Choir

Contact:  Ann Crowder

This choir ministers at funerals in the parish, when requested.  Rehearsals are prior to the start of each funeral.


If you are interested in becoming part of one of these choirs, please call the church office (904-246-6014), and one of the directors will cotact you.